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How can you increase your relevancy?


Building relationships with the business community to provide specialized training for journalists leads to the local newspaper regaining relevance to those it seeks to inform.


The American Press Institute (API) envisioned an extensive, multi-faceted research project to evaluate the state of business journalism and reveal opportunities for improvement throughout the industry. To achieve this, we conducted separate but related surveys with national CEOs, news executives, journalism program administrators, business editors and reporters to understand the extent of the issue and what measures could be taken to raise the bar.

Taking a look at the needs, expectations, frustrations and limitations each group uniquely defines, Selzer & Company identified gaps in resources and education. Finding a way to fill these gaps pointed us toward ways to make the local business section an integral part of executives' lives.


Based on the results of this study, API applied for and received the largest grant in its history, leading to the development of a business journalism center at Arizona State University. This center now specializes in workshops and seminars that hone the skills of local reporters in over 1,200 newsrooms nationwide, tailored to the needs of newsrooms and the expectations of their most devoted business readers.

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