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How do you change hearts and minds?


Uncover your strongest, most persuasive story and lead with it.


Hoping to boost its reputation in the community and entice the highest caliber of students, a specialized university asked us to find ways to evaluate its visibility. We said we could do much more for them than that. We fielded a two-part survey: one drawn from community members in general, and one focusing on leaders in their profession. This survey offered comparisons to comparable institutions, and, more importantly, tested which facts and accomplishments are most effective at winning over the public as well as influential leaders in the profession.

This study delivered very good news. When community members heard specific, quantifiable statements about the university's outreach to the far reaches of the state and the accomplishments of its students, respondents' impressions of the institution improved. Better yet, the university discovered that it had a large untapped resource in local leadership, which already knew about the university's successes and was willing to work on its behalf.


Using this research as a foundation, the university mounted a marketing plan to promote the themes and accomplishments that resonate most. In addition to using the findings from this study with the general public and opinion leaders, the university also revised recruitment materials for incoming students, with impressive results. The institution's image is on the upswing now that it knows how what is does fits with what the market values.

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