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How do you tap into grassroots' interest in your mission?


Know your market. The demographics, the interests, and the experiences of the people in this local community foretell of the opportunity for a small arts non-profit to not just survive, but to thrive.


The Ankeny Art Center, seeking to expand its reach, commissioned us to measure their visibility in their marketplace and to learn how much (or how little) their local community values what they have to offer. The most surprising result was the level to which members of the community were already primed to engage with art in general. Many had attended events co-sponsored by the center but were unaware of the connection. Potential changes that tested well could be incremental and low-cost, yet remain true to the Art Center's mission.


The Ankeny Art Center has already begun earning media attention with the study and plans to widen its footprint. They've used the data to talk to potential donors and have indeed secured financial support for several upcoming exhibits. The staff has a new energy and commitment-because they know the market will support them if they just get the word out and deliver on the promise.

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